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Best Practices for Crimping Your Hair Extensions:

Crimping hair extensions can add texture, volume, and a stylish edge to any look. However, achieving the perfect crimp without damaging the extensions or your natural hair requires some specific techniques and considerations. Here are the best practices to ensure your crimping process is flawless and your hair extensions stay in top condition.

1. Choose the Right Extensions

Ensure your hair extensions are of high quality. Human hair extensions are generally more durable and withstand heat styling better than synthetic ones. Always check the manufacturer's guidelines for heat styling recommendations.

2. Prepare Your Extensions

Before crimping, make sure your hair extensions are clean and dry. Use a heat protectant spray to shield the hair from potential heat damage. This step is crucial to maintain the integrity and longevity of the extensions.

3. Use the Correct Tools

Invest in a high-quality crimping iron with adjustable temperature settings. Fine or damaged hair extensions may require a lower heat setting, while thicker extensions might need a bit more heat to hold the crimp.

4. Section Properly

Work in small sections to ensure each strand gets evenly crimped. Clip away the hair you're not working on to avoid tangling and uneven crimping.

5. Technique Matters

Place the crimping iron close to the roots (but not too close to avoid scalp burns) and press firmly. Hold for a few seconds, then move down the section of hair, ensuring slight overlaps to avoid gaps. Repeat until the entire section is crimped.

6. Cool and Set

Once crimped, allow the hair to cool completely before touching or styling further. This helps set the crimp and ensures it lasts longer.

7. Maintain Your Extensions

After crimping, avoid excessive brushing or combing to maintain the texture. Use products designed for textured or crimped hair to keep the look fresh and defined.

By following these best practices, you can achieve stunning, crimped hair extensions that add a unique flair to your style while maintaining the health and longevity of the extensions.

Implementing these techniques will not only enhance the appearance of your hair extensions but also ensure they remain in excellent condition for future styling adventures.

Our Favorite, Favorite Crimper Iron or Waver is the: ION Titanium Pro Triple Barrel Waver. When I first launched the company and was just beginning to make and customize wigs we went through many styling tools to find the right fit for us. Some flat irons didn't get smooth enough or hot enough. I soon realized that I needed to upgrade my styling tools as well. (Read my Blog on The Importance of the Right Styling Tools and our Top Picks). If you wanted the best results sometimes you had to purchase the best styling tools. I used two different crimpers prior to the ION Titanium Pro Triple Barrel Waver. None of the prior crimpers gave a Crispier, Bolder, Wave Pattern like the ION Waver did! The ION Waver can be bought at Sally Beauty and on Amazon. Attached is a short video of me crimping a Custom Wig for a customer. The wig came out beautifully!

Happy Crimping!

By: India Gause/Owner

Elite Hair Collection


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